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Aircraft Management
Averitt Handles It All

You own your jet because it saves you time and money. You may be too busy to manage all the details but you want things done right - so when it comes to managing your aircraft, you need a partner who knows the score. Averitt handles every detail so you don't have to. From aircraft regulation to maintenance, from pilot training to fueling, from trip coordination to billing, we take care of all the big and little things, so your plane is ready to fly when you are.

Charter Revenue Saves Costs & Downtime
When you're not using your plane, your aircraft could be generating revenue. Averitt can help you make the most of your investment by managing charter revenue services to keep your aircraft in the air instead of on the ground. This additional income can help offset some of the costs of ownership. Plus your jet stays in use and in peak flying condition saving you dollars and downtime.

Aircraft Management services include
  • Maintenance Services
    • Pre-and post-flight checks
    • Factory-trained technicians
    • Cleaning interior and exterior
    • Part 145 certified
    • Aircraft maintenance tracking services
    • Reduced rates

  • Facilities
    • Heated hangar, office, passenger lobby & parking

  • Fuel Services
    • Opportunity to save on fuel based on economies of scale
    • Reduced local fuel pricing

  • Charter Revenue Services
    • Marketing and selling charter time, offsetting cost of ownership
    • Automatic electronic marketing

  • Other Management Services
    • Dispatch, flight tracking and full-service trip coordination
    • Maintenance tracking
    • Processing all billings, collections & monthly reporting
    • Handling all billings and collections
    • Eligibility to receive our fleet insurance rates
    • Eligibility for reduced rates on Averitt aircraft when your aircraft is not available or when a different type of aircraft is needed

  • Pilot Training Services
    • Experienced pilots to operate your aircraft
    • Reduced simulator training costs

To learn more about Averitt Aircraft Management Services and how we can help you make the most of your company's investment, please contact our Aircraft Management specialists.

Management Assured
You manage your business. We'll manage your aircraft. Averitt handles every big-and-little detail so you don't have to.

How Can We Help?
Want to learn more about the services and benefites of aircraft management with Averitt Air? Give us a call at 800.519.4222 or contact us.
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